This is a fundraiser for The Crew Youth Center. Your team has the opportunity to earn up to $757.50 just for helping us with this fundraiser! Check out the letter below for more details!

  1. Form a group- Could be friends, family, or coworkers.
  2. Contact us at Logan@thecrewyc.com
  3. Get 100 donations in the month of June!
  • Black & Ramer Insurance
  • The Crew Youth Center Board/Staff

Check Out The Letter Below!

Dear friends,

My name is Logan Conley and I am the Executive Director of The Crew Youth Center. We are currently working on a fundraiser that we are launching in June and we would love for you to join us in it! It benefits The Crew Youth Center AND you. How? Read on!

What all does this fundraiser entail? We are trying out a new way to raise funds while allowing partnering agencies to benefit from it as well! We are looking for agencies (‘agencies’ is the term used in this letter and includes any church, business, or partner) to RACE TO 100! Your goal as a partnering agency is to get 100 donations in the 30 days of June. The donations are numbered $1.00 through $100.00 and will be all online. Once someone donates a specific amount, no one else is allowed to donate that amount. At the end of the month, The Crew will then donate back 10% of what was raised. If you had all 100 donations come in that would be $5,050 and 10% going back to you would be $505.00. As an added bonus, if we receive 5 recurring donors through your agency, we will add another 5% going back to you, totaling 15%. If you reach 100 donations, that will be $757.50. We thought it would be fun if you used it to give a bonus to an employee through a random draw to encourage their participation in the fundraiser, but you are welcome to use it however you wish! If you participate, you will need to promote it within your agency, on social media, and through your networks to get to 100 donations! All donations are tax deductible.

What will The Crew provide to help us promote this fundraiser? We will have a link available the first day of the fundraiser that you can share and donate through. We will provide social media graphics along with a video explaining the fundraiser.

Why are we doing a fundraiser? Our mission is to foster youth development through relationship, education, and experience while modeling the love of Jesus Christ. We run an after-school program, summer program, a youth business fair, and are working on some plans for a Career Pathway Program. Fundraisers like this help us develop youth in our community. Being a small non-profit in a more rural setting, we rely on donations from the community, and we are so grateful for those who support our mission! 

Who will participate in this fundraiser? We are hoping to partner with 8-10 agencies. We welcome churches, businesses, groups, and more!

When does this start and end? We will start this fundraiser on June 1st and will end either when you hit 100 donations or June 30th, whichever comes first. 

What if my agency just wants to donate the $5,050.00? If you would like to just donate the 100 donations all at once, we would love that! We can send you the 10% as soon as we receive your donation.

What do I do if I am interested in partnering? Please email Logan Conley at logan@thecrewyc.com or call him at 260.582.9074 and let him know you are interested. We will set up your fundraising page when we hear from you!

At the end of this event, we will record a video sharing how much was raised and what agencies participated. You are welcome to join us in that video if you participate in this fundraiser!

Thank you for considering a partnership with us, 

Logan Conley