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About Us

Meet The Team

This team is made up of wonderful people who have a heart for teenagers and are ready to walk alongside them through life! We are grateful for their service and hours they put in outside of the regular programming hours!



Logan Conley

Executive Director


Andrea Farren

Program Director

Neil Bachman


Olivia Stump

Grant Writer


Debi Pfaffenberger

President of the board

Sonja Richards

Secretary of The Board

Kevin Reynolds

Treasurer of the board

Chris Streb

Board Member

Danika Conley

Board Member

Our History

In 1999 three juniors at East Noble High School had a dream of starting a place where students could hang out in a fun and safe environment. They began to search for a place to create this space and were pointed to a scrap yard. They quickly gained momentum and got many teens and adults involved to clear the scrap, rebuild walls, knock down buildings, and completely renovate what was sitting there at that time. The three were Matt Troyer, Nathan Hamlin, and Tyler Ward. They named the youth center, The Wreck.

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The Wreck became known as a place for concerts. The concerts were so well attended that they had to make additional parking on a small plot of land they owned on the other side of the street. Battle of the bands became a big thing, so big that they would get bands from Chicago traveling to play in Kendallville.

As the three graduated, they passed on the reigns to new students. The Wreck became less of a concert hall over time and more of an after school program where students get help in academics, attend big events, and participate in superbowl parties and other large gatherings.

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Over time, there were a few different people who stepped in as the director of The Wreck; it was even led by the board of directors for some time too.

In February of 2017, Logan Conley was voted in as the Executive Director with plans to renovate and remodel as well as develop mentoring and youth development programs. The Wreck is now known as The Crew Youth Center!

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Mission & Values

“The Crew Youth Center exists to foster youth development through relationship, education, and experience, while modeling the love of Jesus Christ!”

Much of our youth development will be based on the 40 Developmental Assets For Adolescents

Core Values of The Crew:

Fun- We will have fun and celebrate big steps in a student’s life

Equipping- We will help students recognize their gifts and walk alongside them to develop those gift

Acceptance- We will love students where they are at

Relevant- We will be culturally relevant in every way; this includes changing often

Safety- We will ensure the safety of students and volunteers at all times

Service- We will give back to the community and train students to serve in the areas they are passionate about

Relational- We will always choose relationships over programming

Truth- We will always hold the Word of God as our authority, allowing it to be the center of everything we do